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Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape

Nature Inspired Tablescape

Welcome, I’m excited to be sharing a bit of inspiration for Easter entertaining with you. Easter is one of my favorite holidays, and I always enjoy creating fun tablescapes to welcome friends and family.

Easter Tablescape

This year my tablescape is centered around a nature theme with nest, eggs, and Spring flowers providing the foundation.

Easter Tablescape

The focal point of my table is an easy DIY arrangement I made, utilizing some of my favorite faux flowers, a large moss basket, and a fun robin egg nest. I love how the colorful centerpiece really makes the table pop with color.

Easter Centerpiece

Once the centerpiece is complete, I like to create a fun plate stack by pulling from the color palette I used in the centerpiece. This year, I decided to incorporate my favorite color purple, with green and white.

Easter Tablescape

The white baroque dinner plates act as the backdrop for this plate stack, as the eye is drawn to the purple dessert plates that tie in with the violets in the centerpiece. To give each place setting a touch of nature, a nest filled with real quail eggs sits on top of the small Pillivuty tureens.

Easter Tablescape

A plate filled with Easter Peeps, a festive holiday favorite.

Easter Tablescape
Easter Tablescape

Thank you for joining me today! I hope you found some inspiration along the way. Using fun elements of nature like nest, eggs, twig baskets, and flowers you too can create a festive Easter tablescape.

Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape

Happy Easter to you and yours,


Easter Tablescape Sources

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Baroque White Dinner Plates

Pillivuty Tureen

Easter Chick in Nest

Quail Eggs

French Chandelier

Similar Options

 Twig Nest

Robin Nest with Eggs

Twig Basket

Ex-Voto Hearts

Collecting Ex-Votos

One of my favorite things to collect are Ex-Voto hearts. I have posted a few picures of my collection on Instagram and have always had a lot of questions about them, so I though I would answer the questions I frequently get. 


Ex-Voto Heart Collection

1. What are Ex-Voto hearts?  Ex-Votos (also known as Milagros which is Spanish for “miracle”) are religious folk charms that are traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings in Mexico, the southern United States, and areas of Latin America. They are frequently attached to altars, shrines, and sacred objects found in places of worship. Milagros are also carried for protection and good luck.

2. What are Ex-Votos made from? Ex-Votos can be constructed from gold, silver, tin, lead, wood, bone, or even wax. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, as seen in my collection some can be flat or fully three-dimensional.

Collecting Ex-Votos

3.What are some common shapes? The most popular shape, of course, is the heart, but animals and body parts such as legs, hands, ears, eyes and even organs are given for different purposes. For example, a milagro of a leg might be used, or offered as part of a prayer for the healing of a leg; or it might refer to a concept such as travel. Similarly, a heart might represent ideas as diverse as a heart condition, romance, or any number of other interpretations. I personally only collect the hearts.




4. Where can I buy Milagros? Ex-Votos/Milagros have become so popular in the last several years that tin reproduction can be found at your local home decor stores. I have listed a few of my favorite Ex-voto heart reproductions that you can purchase below.

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Ex-Voto Heart


Ex-Voto Silver-Sacred-Heart


Ex-Voto Set


Milagro Heart Set


Ex-Voto on Stand



Mother of Pearl Ex-Voto on Stand


Ex-Voto on Stand



Ex-Voto on Stand


Framed Sacred Heart



Framed Sacred Heart   




Framed Ex-Voto



Framed Sacred Heart




In addition to religious and ritual applications, Milagros are often found as components on jewelry, and other home decor items. One of my Sid Dickens memory blocks that I collect (that will be another post) is a sacred heart. When it comes to ex-votos, there is something for everyone.

Sid Dickens Memory Block


5. What’s your story on collecting Ex-Votos? I’m so glad you asked! My mom started collecting them several years ago. I remember when we were on vacation in Santa Fe, NM we walked into one of the fabulous stores on the square and saw this wall covered in all kinds of ex-votos. At the time, I must admit I thought they were creepy. However, over the years the hearts have become the apple of my eye.


Ex-Voto Collection

I hope I have answered some of your questions. Then next time you are out shopping, keep your eye out for these fun little treasures.

Picture from Pinterest

11_heart_wings_graphicsfairy copy


Decorating with Cotton

It’s Cotton Season – Decorating with Cotton!

As a girl growing up in West Texas, I have so many fun childhood memories when I think about Cotton. Growing up, my dad worked in the cotton industry; my brother and I loved to tag along with my dad when he went to work because that meant we got to play in the bags of cotton that would come in for inspection. We loved to make forts and let our imaginations run wild. As a child, I also remember staring out the car window mesmerized by all of the cotton fields covered with white fluffy cotton bowls, which went as far as the eye could see.

Today, decorating with elements of nature like cotton stems has become a very popular trend with the Farmhouse Style, so I thought I would share some inspiration on how to decorate with cotton in your home.

With a few stems of cotton, you can create a fun vignette by placing them in your favorite galvanized buckets, baskets, or ironstone pitchers. 


Cotton wreaths and garlands are another fun way to decorate with this element of nature. A cotton wreath on a simple door or a cotton garland draped on your mantel is an easy way to add layers of texture to your decor.

I hope you’re feeling inspired to incorporate cotton into your home decor. If you want to get your hands on some cotton, today is your lucky day!!!  

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Cotton Stems

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