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Welcome to One Quaint Zebra!!

As a little girl, I was smitten by the beautiful physique of zebras with their black and white stripes. I thought they were such beautiful animals and I wanted to fill my room with every zebra I could find, and so the collecting began.

I also had a passion for interior design and gardening at a very early age. I remember rearranging my bedroom on a regular basis and helping my mom decorate the house. Yes, I was the girl that enjoyed looking through design magazines when I was little. Growing up it seemed that I always had some type of gardening project going on. Some favorites that come to mind are the roly-poly farms that I enjoyed watching for hours, and the time I decided to grow corn in hanging pots. My family had a good laugh on that one. 😂

Fast-forward 35+ years later, my zebra collection in still growing, my husband and I have done every kind of DIY  home project imaginable,   and that green thumb is always busy in my garden. Over the years, I guess you could say I have become “One Quaint Zebra.”  I look forward to sharing my home, DIY projects, gardening tips, favorite recipes, and some of the latest trends in my closet. I hope that after each visit you are inspired to create the life you love!


Thanks for taking the time to visit.



Meet Callie

This Callie, she is our only “fur” child. I adopted her when she was 6 months old from Pets & People. She in now 15, and has brought so much joy and love into our home. She brings truth to the slogan “Who rescued Who? ” 

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